Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Finally got edits for TAXED TO THE MAX. Not many and not bad, thank goodness. Mostly grammar and punctuation problems.

But the best part was the editor, who wasn't the acquiring editor so she hadn't seen the manuscript before, sent me an email along with the ms saying, "I absolutely *loved* this book!" complete with exclamation point and asterisks.

Made me feel really good, like maybe somebody else gets my sense of humor.


  1. I bet it felt REALLY GOOD to have the editor praise and love your book so much! ;)

  2. You're one step closer. It must feel really good. Can't wait to read it!


    TWITTER: Michelle_kp

  3. It did feel good, Cherie. Esp when I emailed her back to let her know I got the edits and told her I was glad she liked it. And she emailed back. "I *loved* it!" again.

    And yes, Michelle, it does feel good that the edits are done. But the hard part, the marketing is yet to begin. Groan. And I'm a shy, reclusive kind of gal!


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