Friday, September 2, 2011


I just finished CHASE by Larion Wills. MuseItUp, publisher of this romantic suspense, is also pubbing my romantic mysteries as ebooks next year.

This is an enjoyable read. It starts off with Chase coming back to the town he left eleven years before to discover whether or not he'd fathered a child. His girl friend at the time had told him she was pregnant before her father had him beat up and run out of town. At eighteen, he didn't have many options and the girl wasn't always truthful.

He finds the girl wasn't lying. Chase does have a son. But the girl's disappeared and her younger sister Sydney has adopted his child and raised him.

This isn't the usual 'secret baby, fight between who gets it' romance. It's better, with the bad guy dead but still stirring up trouble. The heroine Sydney has OCD, but she was determined to save Chase's son for him because like her sister, she loved Chase. And turns out Chase loves her back.

Only now there are people who want her and him both out of the way.

I was kind of surprised at the villain's unmasking, only to be further surprised at the end though I shouldn't have been when I thought about it.

Nice story and serviceable writing. Kept me engrossed all the way through. If you like romantic suspense, you'll enjoy this.


  1. Great review! Sounds like a fun, interesting book. ;)

  2. Thanks, Cherie. I was glad to see the different spin put on the secret baby type book, where the conflict wasn't between the parent and adoptive parent.


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