Tuesday, August 9, 2011


REMEMBER ME is by Sophie Kinsella, who also wrote the SHOPAHOLIC books, and  is a romance in that same comedic vein.

The heroine wakes up in the hospital, thinking she's the same twenty-five-year-old office worker who took a fall and hit her head. Not so. She's in the hospital because of an auto accident. Three years after the fall she thought she had the night before. She's missing three years of her life. And boy howdy, what those three years must have been like!

Her crooked teeth are straight, she's lost twenty pounds, she's now a director of her company, and she lives in a large loftstyle apartment with a gorgeous millionnaire. Who happens to be her husband.

Of course there are drawbacks. She's on a carb-free diet, she wears nothing but beige business suits, she instinctively knows how to pin her hair into a severe bun, and she's been nicknamed the Cobra or the Bitch from Hell by her department. She's also lost the friends she loved, one of whom she's known since she was six.

Between trying to adjust to her new persona and keep from breaking any more three thousand pound glass leopards (that her husband invoices her for), she's not prepared for the cute man who knows all about her life during the past three years..

If she can't remember her husband, how can she expect to remember her lover?

Cute book.

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