Friday, August 26, 2011


I had word from the editor on my tax office mystery, TAXED TO THE MAX (I hope they'll keep the title; you can't always tell) that she's about to start her editing. This means she goes through, picks out things that are wrong, scenes that need to be strengthened or omitted, and stuff like that. Then she sends it back to me and I have to try to give her what she wants.

I'm excited because this is a book dear to my heart. All the funny (and not-so-funny) stuff that happens in tax offices gave rise to it. Like when some assessors got locked in the courthouse attic one time and had to throw down toilet paper rolls to get someone to come let them out. Like how tag customers refuse certain tags. And other stuff about a lot of customer types tag/tax clerks deal with every day.

I hope it's funny enough that people will enjoy it. But I mostly hope it'll give everyone a new respect for the public employees on the front lines.

Course, it doesn't come out till December of next year. But at least it's getting worked on now.

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