Thursday, May 5, 2011


Visited Lowe's the other day to buy bedding plants, patio ferns, rope for a cat scratching post, poison ivy spray, and all the other little things spring means you have to have.

Saw a man standing around looking lost. A salesman asked if he needed help. "Not unless you can hurry up the wife," he said. "She's still looking. Might be another hour or two."

A little later, another man came to the front with some shrubs. A salesman offered to help him. "Just waiting for the wife to get done looking."

Eyeing some pretty lavender-like plants, I heard my husband in the checkout line with our cart. "Go ahead," he told the guy behind him. "M'wife's still looking and I don't know how long she'll be."

Is it just me or have men become more patient? Or are they more patient at a home improvement store than they would be at, say, a department store?


  1. maybe they're not in any hurry, fearing they will be called upon to help with the planting projects once home

  2. Hee hee! Guess you're right! Didn't think of that!


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