Sunday, May 22, 2011


Yesterday my guy and I drove up into the N GA mountains for a wedding. Since we were so close, we stopped by Mercier's Apple House in Blue Ridge and had one of their mouth-watering fried pies.

Then we went on to the business at hand. Gorgeous weather, glowing bride, beaming groom, and a beautiful backdrop. What more can you ask for a wedding?

Some cute attendants, of course! And in case you didn't notice them in the first picture, let's look at them again.

And don't forget the reception. Ah, that fabulous food! Some of us -- forgetting waistlines -- pigged out. The wedding cake was a work of art, but the groom's cake was a trout. And it was either hated or loved, depending on the person viewing. Bet you can guess what the groom does in his spare time.

So. Congenial people, happy couple, and good food in beautiful surroundings. A day well spent.

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