Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I have good news. MuseItUp has offered for my romantic suspense, THE MAN IN THE BOAT. It'll be coming out next March if everything goes all right.

The story's about a woman who's retreated to a lakeside cottage to decide what to do about her crumbling marriage. A boat slams into the bank next to where she's sunning, its driver wounded. When she runs for help, he and the boat disappear.

Afterward, people break in on her at the lake, and later at her house.

Then she finds her husband knows more about what's going on that he lets on.

Kind of a woman in jeopardy, with the heroine chased by the bad guys as she wonders whether she can trust her husband or not. Started out as a mystery but quickly turned into romance. Some sex (letting you know ahead of time, Shannon!) for those who prefer it sweet.

MuseItUp is a fairly new epublisher, but from what I can see, they do a good job on edits. That, to me, is most important. I try to turn in clean manuscripts, but everyone needs a good editor. Writers owe it to readers to put out the best products they can. The most wonderful story in the world suffers if the writing's bad.

So I'm off to drink a glass of whatever. Or maybe just to eat chocolate. Yum.

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