Saturday, March 5, 2011


We are in the process (slow process) of moving back to north Georgia. Took stuff up the past week and kept appointments.

The stove fixer came. I now can cook (if I want to which is a big IF) on the range rather than using the microwave or the George Forman grill. Except the hot surface light stays on all the time so I never know if the top's hot or not but, hey, the oven and all the eyes work. I'll take it.

The duct cleaning people came. You should have seen all the dog hair and other mess they got out. Revolting. Unfortunately, they discovered our air conditioning doesn't work. And neither does the fan, unless the heat's on. It was cool enough for heat, thank goodness. Now we have to make an appointment to meet the HV/AC people next time we're up.

The termite inspector came. We're good. Nothing eating up the house.

The washer and dryer came. My guy thinks the floor needs reinforcing though. After reading the manual, we suspect the whomping noise on the spin cycle means the flooring's too flexible. But we can wash and dry.

And Granny has shingles, poor soul. That's the worst thing.

So it wasn't the best visit, but a lot of stuff got done.

Glad to be back where it's warm though!

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  1. Poor, dear. I guess death or injury to a spouse would be worse, or maybe remodeling. But. Moving has got to make the top ten "spare me from this, please" list.


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