Friday, February 18, 2011


I just finished Amanda Hocking's SWITCHED, the first of her Trylle Trilogy. I got it on my Kindle because I'd read how Hocking self-published her YA paranormals after failing to sell to a big publisher. In January, 450,000 copies of her books, mostly ebooks, of the nine she's written. That's pretty impressive considering they've been out there only since last March.

SWITCHED was 99 cents (I think most of her titles are 99 cents to 2.99) so I wasn't out much by trying it.

The storyline was good. It was about trolls and teenage angst. I can see where it would appeal to the younger crowd.

Wendy finds she's a changeling. Her troll mother exchanged her for a human when she was born. Unfortunately, after her father died, her human mother somehow realizes Wendy's not her child and tried to kill six-year-old Wendy.

When Wendy, bring brought up by her brother and aunt, approaches eighteen, a tracker - hunky mysterious Finn - is sent to bring her to the trolls' kingdom/compound in Minnesota. There she discovers she's - dah dah! - not just a troll. She's the princess troll.

But her homecoming is not welcoming, her mother is cold, and a princess can't make it with a tracker like Finn (they're almost at the bottom of the rankings for trolls). Worse, a renegade band of trolls comes after her for her - wait for it - powers!

The writing craft needed some work, but mainly the book needed a good editor.

Since trolls, zombies, and vampires have palled on me and since I'm no longer a teenager, the book didn't enchant. But it was a quick read and I didn't stop in the middle as I've been prone to do lately. Youngsters will enjoy it.


  1. YA, etc. is not a genre I'm interested in reading. Although, I keep hearing that a writer should read all genres.

    Enjoyed reading the critique.

  2. I read anything in all genres so long as it's interesting.

    That said, I probably won't read another one of hers because as an adult, it doesn't appeal to me that much.

    But I liked Harry Potter. And The Hunger Games.


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