Thursday, February 24, 2011


Walking home from the Village on one of the past lovely days, we neared the park where public basketball and tennis courts are. In this park, the main attraction is the huge water oaks dripping Spanish moss and a few benches where visitors can sit and enjoy the view.

A couple in a car beckoned us over. "Can you tell us where the trolley stop is? The GPS says this is the park but we can't see the trolley anywhere. We've been through here three times! And it's nearly time for it to leave! We're going to miss it!"

The GPS was a little off there. Like half a mile or more. We sent them back to the pier park where the trolley stops each day, in plenty of time to catch their tour.

I'm glad we don't use a GPS system. My brother-in-law tried to come to our condo with his and would probably have gotten lost if my guy hadn't told him no, there was an easier way. Another relative went by the same detour in St. Augustine three times as directed by hers. She gave up near hysteria. Never got to her destination. At least not that day.

They're great when they work, but sometimes even my warped sense of direction is better than their instructions.

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