Saturday, March 24, 2018


We joined a lunch group that meets every month and on holidays so that we could meet people in our new town. For Saint Patrick's Day, we went to Akademia, a microbrewery. Then last week, we went to the Craft Public House, another microbrewery. Do I sense a pattern here?

I didn't take pix at Akademia beause I didn't think of it, but I did at Craft. The couple we sat with were entertaining, interesting, and compatible with our casual style. In short, they felt like people we've known for years instead of people we just met.

When we saw Don's island shirt, we were immediately at ease. He confided that he moved here for the music (and for the mild climate compared to Chicago!) and had a portobello sandwich.

Once we discovered Sandi teaches water aerobics three times a week, we were intimidated. But she seems like a nice person who wouldn't hold our slothfulness against us! She, naturally, had a healthful salad.

I got a chicken sandwich. But it was grilled. Though I admit it had cheddar melted on it. Note the fries in their cute basket:

And my guy had his usual hamburger. That's what he orders everywhere we go. So far, he hasn't found one better than the ones at Brogan's on the island. But we keep searching.

And no, we didn't try any of their beers. Don said eleven thirty in the morning was a little too early for him to imbibe and we agreed. 

Great places to eat, both Akademia and Craft Public House. But then, we haven't found a really bad restaurant in town. We'll keep trying though!


  1. Some of these microbrewery establishments can really have good food! Looks delicious.

    1. It was pretty good! Bet the beer was better but... Can't drink at eleven in the morning. Well, I guess you could. But probably not!

  2. What a sure fun thing to do. Your lunch looks so good.
    Your town is looking like a better and better choice.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. We've met a lot of people who are retiring here. One couple was auditing courses at the university since they're free for people over sixty-two.


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