Sunday, July 7, 2013


We hung out on the Fourth of July and mostly stayed in, away from all the people on the island. It's only twelve miles long but it was packed with tourists and other visitors for the weekend.

We had 800 entrants in the annual 5k run/1k walk they hold every year. I thought they started at seven a.m. and would be through by our usual walk time. Nope. We went out, ran into them, had to stand back while men, women, mothers pushing jogging strollers, fathers running with kids, and what looked like a couple of military squads from one of the nearby forts (One had the sergeant running along singing cadence, poor guy!) rushed by.

We finally caught a break, got through them, and walked on down the road. To the park where the finish line was. Naturally, the whole group came up just as we got there so we had to wait again.

But we did finally make it to village and the Sunshine Festival held in conjunction with the other Fourth activities. Here are a few pix of this arts and crafts fair held in the park:

These are some of the sidewalk tents. We got there as they were getting ready to open so not too many people were around, thank goodness.

This artist booth puts it up front on his sign. Buy his paintings now while you can still afford him!

Don't know if you can tell much about them, but the greenish figures are those of a sailor at the wheel and (on the right) the pirate captain peering through his spyglass.  Made me want to cackle and say, "Argggh, my hearties!"

After that, we came home and stayed inside. It was hot and traffic was horrible and there was no way we were going to venture out, not even for the fireworks display. After all, we could hear it from our house!

On the whole, a pretty nice day.


  1. Since most artists don't become famous until after they're dead, if I were him I wouldn't rush it!

    1. Hee hee! Bet he didn't think about THAT!

  2. Replies
    1. For some people. We just kind of strolled around, then went home and lazed around all day.


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