Saturday, April 7, 2018


Two of my guy's photos were selected to hang at North Georgia University (Oconee County) in their gallery last month. An old favorite of mine, Pier Village:

And a new one, Bees:

The show was juried, and this large painting (you can barely see it behind the people) won, which allows the artist to hang her work for the next month, I believe.

However, amidst all the collages and cat pix and seascapes and cartoons and exotic locales, this one painting caught my eye. It's by someone named Melody Croft and is called Connections.

I just loved it and kept coming back to admire it. How many times has this scene been played out in restaurants? In the mirror, you can see other diners, but this couple is isolated. From the diners and from each other. The man looks only at his phone while the expression on the woman's face says it all.

Lovely campus and a nice exhibition hall. And the lemon bars at the reception were wonderful!


  1. Good for her guy!

    Yes, that painting... if looks could kill!

  2. What wonderful photos. I remember one of his photos with the ferris wheel you posted.
    The painting is a hoot. He will not be getting a second date for sure.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Plus you had my attention at Lemon Bars, my favorite cookies.


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